Attack on Thailand Kindergarten – Video of Thailand Attack Leaked

Attack on Thailand Kindergarten: Recently, horrible news spread over the world. There were at least 37 children killed in the attack on a kindergarten. Everyone was surprised to hear of the attack on the kindergarten in Thailand.Humanity is no longer present on this world. We must all take care of ourselves because how can we expect anything from criminals who have no regard for children in their hearts?

An ex-policeman killed at least 37 people, the majority of whom were children, in a gun and knife massacre in northeastern Thailand.After the attack in the province of Nong Bua Lamphu, according to police, he killed himself and his family.

At the childcare, both kids and adults suffered injuries. The perpetrator, according to the police, shot and stabbed his victims before fleeing.The 34-year-old former officer, according to the police, lost his job in June because of his drug use.

About the reasons behind the attack, little is known.

In the mass shooting in the town of Utthai Sawan, at least 22 persons killed who were children. Watch Thailand Kindergarten Attack Video. Some of the victims of the attacks were toddlers. Twelve injured people were transported to Nong Bua Lamphu’s district hospital.


 Everyone was startled and saddened by Thailand’s kindergarten atrocity. The killer’s ruthless victim is the young youngster. In northeast Thailand, an ex-policeman attacked a kindergarten.However, many are interested in finding out why he attacked a kindergarten and what he required from young children. From the incident, several statements have surfaced.

Jidapa Boonsom, a city politician who works nearby, described what happened to the Reuters news agency: “The shooter came in around lunchtime & initially shot four or five individuals at the daycare centre.” One of them was a teacher who was eight months pregnant.She added that the man broke into a closed room where kids were sleeping, saying, “At first, everybody believed it was fireworks.”

Witnesses to the attack on a nursery school described it as “horrific.” Social media videos appear to show grieving parents and relatives of the deceased congregating at a shelter outside the centre.After the attack, when the police arrived at the building, they discovered adult and child bodies—some of them quite young—lying both inside and outside.

The incident, according to Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha, was “shocking.”

Who attacked the Thailand Kindergarten, and why?

Attack on a kindergarten in Thailand: Although the assailant is unknown, the police have made some statements to the media.

Panya Kamrab, a local, was the assailant. He was a police colonel before being sacked for drug use last year. He reportedly appeared in court on Thursday to respond to allegations that he used and may have sold methamphetamine. On Friday, the judge was due to announce the decision.

Around 12:30 local time, armed with a shotgun, a revolver, and a knife, he rushed the nursery (05:30 GMT).

Police claim that following the murder spree, the attacker fled in a white four-door Toyota pull truck with Bangkok licence plates. More information about what transpired next is still unknown. People are being warned to stay inside for protection as they search for him.

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