As a Result of an Image TikTok Trend, the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Led to a Police Investigation.

Following the distribution of stolen images of the University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team on TikTok and Twitter, police are “investigating more than one offences.” In response to the breach, the student-athletes immediately notified the UW-Madison PD (UWPD), according to a statement from the University of Wisconsin’s athletic department.

“UWPD is investigating more than one offences, including releasing sensitive images without permission,” the notice stated. The volleyball student-athletes are not being looked into by UWPD for wrongdoing in this case. Just 24 hours before the Wisconsin volleyball team, also known as the Badgers, was scheduled to play against Michigan State, private photos and videos of the team were leaked on Thursday evening (October 20).

Despite the controversy and invasion of privacy, the student-athletes appeared in court and won the volleyball match. The hotographs and content relating to the leak began to be widely disseminated online, as is too frequently the case, with allegedly little interference from TikTok or Twitter.

Police are currently conducting an investigation because it is currently unclear how the sensitive images ended up being shared online.

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