Amy Joyner Francis’s fight video can be found on Twitter.

Alleged in Amy Joyner-Francis schoolgirl attack didn’t anticipate that the bathroom altercation would result in death A 16-year-old girl accused of killing a girl in Delaware has asserted that she had no way of knowing that the argument in the school toilet would result in the death of a fellow student.

Amy Joyner Francis was repeatedly hit while others were filming the deadly altercation at Wilmington’s Howard Secondary School of Technology in the Mid-Atlantic region on April 21. After that, the 16-year-old victim experienced a cardiac attack and passed away, according to the Delaware Department of Justice.

Three schoolgirls have been accused of crimes connected to the altercation. following altercation in a high school restroom said they’re unhappy with the charges brought in the case, according to a radio affiliate of CBS News. For legedly assisting to arrange the fatal attack on Amy Joyner Francis on April 21, one student has just been charged with reckless homicide, and two other students have been charged with third degree criminal conspiracy.

The horrifying incident when school bullies killed a 16-year-old girl A tragic “battle over a boy” was captured on cell phone footage. This horrifying incident apparently occurred in the school bathrooms, where a bunch of bullies attacked and killed high school student Amy Inita Joyner Francis.

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