A 16-year-old girl is consumed by a man in a live video on Twitter and Reddit (Maria Camila Villalba)

On social media, a video showing a 16-year-old being devoured is going viral. There are many nasty and despotic rulers in the world, but this time every boundary has been broken. A man released a live video of himself eating a 16-year-old girl on several social media sites.

On Twitter and Reddit, searches for 16-Year-Old Being Eaten Alive videos are common. The most horrible film ever uploaded to the internet, Maria Camila Villalba’s Video, depicts the gutting and unbelievable eating of a 16-year-old girl. @Mrgualaa shared it on Twitter (but sadly account was suspended after the clip because of the policy violations)

According to the allegation, the girl was taken and tormented by some individuals, whose faces were obscured in the popular video. Here are some remarks made by viewers of the video.

16-Year-Old Eaten Alive in Video on Twitter and Reddit

The video was viewed and looked at by many people who now regret it. The Maria Camila Villalba video “16-Year-Old Gutted and Eaten” will make you cry or vomit if you don’t squint or censor it. However, a lot of people still want to punish it severely.

On Twitter and Reddit, several users claim that those who continue to promote this video are callous and disrespectful. How is it possible to spread a video of a 16-year-old girl being murdered by torture?

“Would you kindly cease posting the footage of Maria Camila Villalba’s passing? Why in the world do we joke about and make fun of women’s deaths? Why in the world can’t we even pass away quietly? Some of you clearly suffered from repeated head trauma when you were young.

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